Turkey Hunting

** New York State has opened a special spring youth turkey season that opens the weekend before our regular spring season. This is a great time to bring your kids to hear alot of gobbling and see some really good hunting before the regular season starts.

Spring - We scout our land well before season and are very familiar with roosting, feeding and travel locations of mature gobblers. Permanent blinds are scattered throughout our hunting grounds but we also have enough land to cut and run. On those rainy days or when the birds are hanging out in the fields, each guide has the newest portable blind to make your hunt successful and comfortable. You are more than welcome to go roosting with your guide the night before your hunt. However, putting a longbeard to bed makes for a restless night of sleep.

Fall - Again we scout our land thoroughly before opening day. At this time of year the birds are in bigger flocks and the action can be non-stop. We have hunted flocks of gobblers numbering over 20 and flocks of hens and young numbering over 40. We don't scatter fall birds unless it is absolutely necessary or if it is from someone taking a shot at one in the flock. We primarily hunt roost and feeding locations. If you have had a flock of 20 or more birds answer your calls and come in, all with in shooting range, then you understand why we don't scatter the flock. This is a great hunt for young hunters because birds are plentiful and are less pressured than they are in the spring. Also the demand for a fall hunt is less than in spring so chances are you will be the only one in camp.

Deer Hunting

Our deer hunts are very limited. We will only take a small number of hunters this season to ensure the pressure stays low.

Archery - Our archery hunts are semi or fully guided. The semi guided hunt is meant for hunters with experience. You will be hunting on a little over a thousand acres spread out across several leased properties. We will have stands hung but you are encouraged to bring your own. Archery hunts are limited to one group per hunt your group will be the only one in camp.

Gun - Our gun hunts are fully guided. We will take you into the stands before sunrise and will be in radio contact throughout the day. Your deer will be field dressed and transported out of the woods for you. Gun season is usually right around peak rut and can be a very exciting time to hunt.

Muzzle Loader - Again this is a semi-guided or fully guided hunt that is the week following our regular season. Only one small group will hunt our areas for the week. There is almost always snow on the ground for this hunt and the deer are up and moving again after our gun season.

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